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Collaboration Project

Black Eye is open to collaboration on merchandise and various creative projects with other content creators! An itch to draw, make fan-merchandise, and spread the love for my personal favorite content creators and fellow artists inspired the realization of the BLACK EYE X collaboration project.

Collaborations are currently only open to friends and mutuals via invitation. If you think that our vibes, aesthetics, vision and outlook on life and art are a match, please contact us!

The Process



Black Eye will illustrate all the designs for the merchandise being produced and will feature characters from both parties; Black Eye and the collaborator. The collaborator will be able to look over the portrayal of their characters during the designing/illustrating process.


The manufacturing/production of the merchandise will be handled by Black Eye. The produced merchandise will be available for sale through Black Eye, with credit and information about the collaborator on the merchandise and website/product listings.


The collaborator will receive a free copy of the merchandise produced, as well as a 30% cut from all profit made from the collaboration items (paid out weekly or monthly via Paypal).

All rights to the designs illustrated will belong to Black Eye. Rights to the characters remain with their respective owners. The contract can be terminated by either parties after 1 year of sale. Collaboration contracts end automatically after 3 years of sale. Termination of the contract will end the sale of the collaboration project merchandise.

What does this mean?

I'll be drawing fanart of your OCs with my OCs! These designs will be sold on my shop with credit to your characters both on the sales page and on the product itself! I'll handle the manufacturing and will give you a free copy as thanks for letting me draw your characters!

You'll be getting 30% from all profits I make from the collab merch. After 1 year of being available for sale, you can tell me to stop selling the merch. After that point, I will no longer sell that design.

Your characters still belong to you, my characters belong to me. The collaboration designs I make will belong to me.


How it works

The 30% cut will come from the profits made from the collaboration (USD). This excludes the production costs. Cost breakdown and exact number of units that need to be sold to cover costs will be provided to the collaborator. Sales report for the product can be requested by the collaborator (weekly or monthly).

Cost: $1.23 per unit
Selling Price: $6 per unit

Profit: $4.77 per unit
Collaborator Cut (30%): $1.431 per unit

Why only 30% to the collaborator?

The rest of the money goes towards my own characters, making the collaboration designs, manufacturing, inventory management, packing, shipping, and related correspondence; all of which are handled by Black Eye.

What's in it for me?

University Name

You will be getting passive income. You are not obligated to make merchandise of my characters, but this agreement allows you to do the same for my characters, under the same terms.





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